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BANG GOLF was started with the belief that better high quality golf components were needed in the marketplace. Club builders have stated repeatedly, that they do not mind paying a bit extra, so long as the quality is good. With that in mind, we designed BANG GOLF components! Bang Golf products are made under the tightest tolerances, and use the best foundries and finishing houses in the business! All Bang Golf Titanium is CCL certified CP5 grade, this is the finest quality available for the manufacture of golf clubs, and our Cryo-Plasma hard case paint finish, is the best in the industry. Most of our irons are made from premium 304 stainless steel, whilst the Bang-o-matic irons are forged carbon steel.

Since Bang Golf's inception in 2000, we have been recognised as leaders in golf component innovation. This year we have implemented several changes to our product lines and business practices, and are positioned for our strongest year ever.

Bang Golf is not your average type of component Company, we do not worry about the "norm" in our industry, instead we lead the way with our innovative original designs and ideas. Our drivers, fairway woods, and irons, are some of the finest on the market today.

The Bang-O-Matic by Bang Golf currently holds the Worlds longest drive of 539 yards, Bang also hold the Woman's World long drive record of 362 yards! along with many other World long drive championships. We had 4 staffers in the Top 12 in the World Championships last year using the Bang-O-Matic Storm and Bangster drivers. World champion Scott Smith and European champion Adam Stacey made their TV Finals placing them as two of the longest hitters in the World.

We have proven time and time again, that Bang Golf product’s, are of the highest quality, beautifully made, and most importantly, reasonably priced in today's marketplace.

Please note! apart from selling components, we do also supply complete clubs, built with the finest shafts from Fujikura, UST Mamiya, AccuFLEX, True Temper, Nippon. With grips by Golf Pride, Lamkin, Avon and more. Our workshops are equipped with some of the most advanced computerised equipment used in the assembly of golf clubs, so we are able to supply you with the very best of the best. We do have some special programs for Long Drive Competitors (mail us)

When Long Drive competitors crush the ball WITH A BANG DRIVER, Women run and Children hide!

Some of our Long Drive competitors in a Shoot-Out, Europe versus the USA.
Centre is Adam Stacy and on the right Joe Miller world champion 2012.
Organised by former world champion; Pat Dempsey.

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